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Yeahou yahouh...

Sometimes someone starts to do something. Sometimes one quit after a while but sometimes that something turns into something else.

So, one night you need a T-shirt. There is a lot of them in the wardrobe and in the mess around you but you are sick and tired of them after wearing them so many times. Then you find that old white one you havent used in a long time. Like a creative flash you start to cut out that phrase that followed you since yesterday from a piece of paper and with some acrylic color on the kitchen table you print that phrase on the T-shirt.

You put the T-shirt on and you go out and you get drunk and that guy in the toilet queue asks you "Wow! Where did you get that shirt?" and you go to bed and you wake up and and the day after you put it on again to go to work and your friend says "Wow! Where did you get that shirt?" Also the guy on the first floor ask you that. And you take a picture of yourself and you put it on your Myspace page...and then all the comments and messages from all over the world drowns you in a second.

Wow. You hurry home to reflect. That night you decide to do one more print, or two. The day after you put theese other 2 prints online. And the people from all over the world gives you a fantastic feedback and they ask you if you are The Creator and if they are on sale and in which shops they can get the T-shirts...So you think "Wow" again and you go out to look for cheap blank T-shirts but no one satisfies you, they are not like the old one you had at home (it's kind of hard to find the perfect T-shirt , everybody knows that, right?).

So you make a sketch of that perfect T-shirt and you bring it to the tailor downstairs...too expensive though so you call a tailors shop outside town.

Yesterday you didn't know what to wear, now you have 500 perfect white T-shirts. Sometimes some things transform into others...