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"Stop making sense” is the opposite of “Be hyper realistic” - a classic 5preview print that was seen in the first collections written with a brush stroke, as well as a 1984 concert film featuring a live performance by Talking Heads.” Here is the print on our JONNA Denim Jacket and BLOSSOM Dress

Pictures by one of our stockists in Italy, Urban Concept Store - follow them here




"A dark warm evening, silence. Smell of citrus and the night bird sings. The shapes of the print are cut out in paper; the leaves, the fruits and the branches. The details are drawn by hand. The juicyness of the bloodoranges and the white blossoms pop out. It’s a placed print program with japanese inspired shapes."

// Emeli

The Allover Arancia print can be found in the styles - LUELLA Jumpsuit, SHANELL Kimono, SAKI Top and FLEUR Trousers



Travel light. 

The perfect holiday wardrobe. Aren't we all striving to find it? To NOT bring any unnecessary items, but only the ones you can use again and again. Versatile items are the best, the dress that can be comfortable going to the beach but fancy at night. Here is my checklist:

  • A pair of shorts. Usually I wear a pair of cropped jeans, something casual.
  • Long wide easy trousers, to wear during traveling or cold evenings.
  • A couple of cotton T-shirts, a black and a white for different occasions (white for day, black for evening).
  • A couple of jersey tanktops
  • An oversized hoodie. It's better than a jacket (that I always bring and never use). For some privacy during traveling, for late nights or early mornings.
  • A couple of long dresses or kaftans in light materials. Different from each other (one belted shirt dress, one maxi kaftan).
  • An oversized shirt, to cover from the sun or just for cover up on the beach. Could also be used as a short dress. 
  • A jumpsuit. The perfect “going to dinner” outfit, don't need any styling, just put it on!
  • ...and swimsuit, a scarf and underwear of course. 

When I think of the design of the 5PREVIEW summer collections I always keep this in mind, so you can find all these items there. The pastel color palette of SS19 is really nice for warm weather. Today in Stockholm it's raining and cold. I've already booked my summer holidays (family life needs some planning!) and if I can fit all these things in our JACK Weekendbag (with some good luck and Kon Marie folding) 

I'm so ready to leave!

// Emeli




Follow our girl Abena on Instagram for a lot of inspiration and good vibes - @aamoateng. Here she is wearing the LULIE Party bag, shop it here





Womankind: The meaning of the word is “women considered collectively”, that could be a hint to the “old” word MANKIND that includes both men and women. 
A little revolution. 

Drawn with a simple brush stroke. In our SS19 Collection it can be found on ALICIA Hoodie and Chaba Sweater

Let's celebrate the International Women's day like every other day, support each other and the sisterhood! 



Mixing colors, working with a roller. The not ready, the work in progress. I think I’m in love with causality!” 

by Emeli Mårtensson. 

The printed styles REINA Dress, HANA Dress and IDA Shirt is all imprinted by the beautiful painting made for the SS19 Collection CUT OUTS.  



February Edition: Agata Grzeczny

In collaboration with Acrimonia Magazine, they met up with Agata Grzeczny, the sweet-looking student, for the February edition. A freelance, dynamic, proactive and bewitching model originally from Poland. Follow her on instagram here


Tell us about yourself and what you do in life.

I was born in Poland and at 6 I moved to Italy with my parents. If I had to describe myself in a single word I would choose determined, if I set myself a goal point to reach it at all costs. I'm in the second year of Jurisprudence and I'm a freelance model. I started posing when I was 15 and over the years I have cultivated my passion for the fashion world. Milan and the people I met here have helped me in everything.

What do you try to convey through social media?

I use mainly Instagram. I see it as a means of making myself known better. I would like to send a positive message. The message of a normal girl who engages normally, she studies normally and tries to do her best in everything she does.

Your biggest dream?

Realize all the goals that I have set over time. I would like the future me to be satisfied and proud of the choices made, without remorse.

Read the full interview here

Photography: Alecio Ferrari

Photo Assistant: Giacomo Colombo

Thanks to Logos PR

Agata Grzeczny is wearing the JESSICA Cupro trousers in mint from the SS19 collection 'CUT OUTS', shop them here

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Long lasting clothes. 

Let's talk about how to take care of your clothes and the planet on the same time. Here comes some tips and tricks on how to store, wash and fix your clothes. 

Buy fabrics that are long lasting, like linen, lyocell and TENCEL®Lyocell and TENCEL® (a branded lyocell), is made from cellulose fibre that comes from pulp of fast growing trees such as eucalyptus and beech. Linen requires less water to make than cotton and doesn’t require any chemical fertilises and pesticides. Made from flax, it is also biodegradable.

Try to ventilate your clothes instead of washing them. The more you wash them, the more they lose their quality.

Try to wash less frequently and use a laundry bag. Read the washing instructions carefully before you wash. And think about the environment when you wash - cold water saves energy.

Synthetic garments release micro fibers when they are washed, small plastic particles that cannot be caught when the water is cleaned. With a special laundry bag, the fibers can be caught in the machine and never end up in the sea. 

Learn to complete basic repairs on your garments, such as replacing a loose thread or a missing button. Small things can make them last longer and save you money. 

New life.
Are you tired of your clothes? Try to take away the sleeves of the top, add details, shorten the dress to a shirt or give it to a friend or charity. 

Take care ❣️

#5preview #inspiration #sustainability 

Sustainability / 5PREVIEW.
This planet is the only one we have. We’re aware that the fashion business is a huge polluter (some say second biggest but there are a lot of ways to measure this) in the world, so it’s time to put up guidelines and goals on what environmental footprint 5PREVIEW wants to leave. We want to turn ideas into action.
We believe that everything counts, from the smallest, not so obvious, to big questions like hu- man rights and pollution during transportation. We also believe in transparency, that’s why this document is created. It will be updated as soon as changes are done.
So we start in the 5PREVIEW STUDIOS. We recycle paper and plastic, both in our kitchen and the office. We have an ongoing discussion in our team regarding sustainable choices in the everyday work life – it could be that we chose to take the train to the trade fair in Copenhagen instead of the airplane. Or to have a sales meeting on Skype instead of flying to Milano. Or to go to Pitti Filati once a year instead of two times.
5preview has a small scale production. Let’s be clear, we produce around 80 000 garments a year (compared to the big chain-stores that produce around 500 million garments / year, each) so you know what quantities we’re talking about. We produce ONLY what our wholesale cus- tomers have ordered and we don’t keep stock or have our own stores so therefore there is no overproduction at all. The leftover garments (sample collections for example) at the end of the seasons are sold in sample sales and the remains are given to charity projects for women in need in Stockholm.
We are opening up closer discussions with our factories on how to improve the work towards a more sustainable way of producing. We are working with small scale factories that we know well and personal. We visit them on a regular basis and have a dialogue about respect of hu- man rights, a reasonable labour wage and good working conditions.
On our social platforms we promote a mindful consumption to our customers, and a long and new life for old 5PREVIEW products through our ARCHIVES projects. We are also giving advice on how to treat the garments in the best way (without washing them all the time) to make them last longer. In 2016 we decided to openly communicate that we are against BLACK FRIDAY and the unnecessary pushes towards overconsumption.
On our blog we show the Designer’s work in progress with the collection, to show that the clothes are more than just clothes, there is so much creativity invested in the garments, which makes many of them unique. Every garment has a story and we do our best to tell it. We will also try to make the whole design process more transparent so our customers more aware of the different steps.
One really important thing during the design process is the awareness of fabric consumption. When we do our designs we optimize the usage of fabric to minimize the waste. Our goal here is to make the factories recycle the waste that actually is, but we’re not really there yet. The fabrics we use are usually made in the country where the factory is, to avoid unnecessary shipping.
Our volume pieces are produced in Europe and we ship them directly to our Distributors without passing through our warehouse in Sweden. The same thing in Asia, the products made in China are directly shipped to the regions around the factories instead of flying back and forth over the world.
We took a huge step at the beginning of 2019 when we decided that the plastic bag used for transportation and warehouse handling will now be made out of biodegradable corn starch instead of plastic. For the SS20 collection we’ll try to make all the hang tags out of recycled pa- per and put on the clothes with a little thread instead of the safety pin. We will also try to make the wash tags inside the clothes in recycled polyester.
So how do we work with organic fabrics? Our goal for the SS20 collection is to use organic jersey cotton for our T-shirts. Many tops are made in LYOCELL at the moment which is a good sustainable choice of fabric. Lyocell and TENCEL® (a branded lyocell), is made from cellulose fibre that comes from pulp of fast growing trees such as eucalyptus and beech.
More than 99% of all chemicals used in the manufacturing process are recycled in a
closed system, meaning that all chemicals in the process of making the fabric can be reused. Linen requires less water to make than cotton and doesn’t require any chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Made from flax, it is also biodegradable.

Our goals for 2020:
To make our volume products (jersey) in organic cotton and lyocell.
Making more sustainable choices in the design process (reducing fabric waste). Continue to make sustainable choices in our office and work environment.

To promote to customers how to take care of the garments and give them a longer life (through washing and repairing for example). To share our thoughts and stories on our digital platforms.
Using materials in the clothes production that requires less chemicals and washes.
Calculate how much is our CO2 footprint is for the year and compensate to

What are we striving for:
Selecting less carbon intense modes of transportation.
Using less polyester fabrics in our collections, and if we do it should be recycled polyester, which takes 30% less energy to make than the virgin polyester.
Include just organic cotton which is made by non-genetically modified plants, and without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals.
CO2 compensate on a regular basis.

#5preview #inspiration #sustainability

The DARIA bag.

...that I'm carrying around every day, is from our current collection, SS19. I love it, it's so great in many ways. The stiffness, that makes it look new, even if I've used it a lot, the black and white – typical 5preview with the eye catching “CAVOUR” print. Well, me and DARIA found each other some months ago. But actually it was love at first sight, it started almost a year ago when we designed her. A typical “last minute design” that turns out to be the best. Sometimes it's not necessary to overthink things. “We have a circle handle, what do we want to create around it?”

“A mini-bag that fits the necessary, not too funny not too serious - yet a little playful to be recognizable”.

5 minutes later the sketches were on their way to the factory, just in time.

I often get the questions if I wear “my own designs” and the answer is “Sometimes”. When the collection is “in progress”, about a year before it hits the stores, we get prototypes in from the factories, and if we get them in the right fabric and the right color I love to wear them, when they're “new & fresh”. Because we always try to do things that we love ourselves, me & Josephine. It would be impossible to work in a different way, at least for me. I'd say that I could wear 80 % of the collection, then of course there are things that maybe does not fit me for different reasons. But do I wear 5preview? When the current collection is out, we're already one year ahead and I really want the newest things. The things that are on the way from the factories. It's always a “forward-movement”. From the SS19 collection I'd say we have more timeless pieces that I'm not tired of at all and I can't wait that the sun comes out to wear them – the 3 styles in silk/cotton, the viscose set with the placed print ARANCIA (supelove!) and the ALICIA hoodie - in pink with the WOMANKIND print and in black with the “MIDLIFE CRISIS” printed on the sleeves. And of course the DARIA bag! I'll write another post about the “perfect holiday wardrobe”... 


#dariabag #handbag #accessories #5preview #inspiration

January Edition: Marta Festa

In collaboration with Acrimonia Magazine, they met up with Marta Festa, the Italian influencer originally from Milano with an idyllic appearance and an altruistic soul. 
Follow her on instagram here


Tell us about yourself and what you do in life.

My name is Marta and I am 20 years old. I was born and I live in Milan. I started working at 15, when I was in the first year of high school, I was the face of a web magazine. Now I work as a model and I use social media to express my personality 100%.

What do you think are the most important contents to convey through social media?

Social media is a great means of communication, why not use them in an intelligent way? I have always tried to turn myself into the eyes of others. I show my everyday life, from the simplest things to the most complex ones. I would like the message to pass that anyone with their own passion, giving time to time, can do it. I have always tried to be "friend" of those who follow me. Followers are a number, we're all the same. Establishing genuine relationships with people is a tool to grow and learn.

Read the full interview with her here

Photography: Francesca Basili

Thanks to Logos PR

Marta Festa is wearing the ROSIE White denim trousers from the SS19 collection 'CUT OUTS', shop them here

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Before getting there...

Everything is possible, you can do whatever you want, no restrictions whatsoever. Sometimes it's difficult to deal with all that freedom, usually limitation helps the creative process. At least it gets more focused, instead of going in all directions. I'm limited by color and that's about it. And now when we do a lot of color, instead of only black and white, it's more fun. But then I sit there with all blank papers and all pencils and all color tubes and think”where the f*ck should I start? For the first time in ten years it will happen, the inspiration is gone, there will be no prints, we just buy something from a print company or we just copy someone else!”.

But no way. I start in a little corner. Trust the gut feeling in the end, because somewhere in there I know there will be prints, and they will be nice. The handmade part is super important for me. I love it in other brands and I would never take it away in my own. It makes things unique and personal. I don't want to sit and cut and paste vector flowers in Illustrator, too easy, too plain, too anonymous. Sometimes people say it's hard to see the 5preview DNA in our allover prints, for example florals. Then I tell them to look closer. The lines are hand drawn, the ink spots are there. The mistakes. The flaws.

So today I have been sitting all day working in Photoshop with high res scanned images of gouache drawings I did last week ( with a terrible flu!). It takes a lot of patience, the computer is ready to explode, files are so heavy and I'm working on 50 layers. But now, at 3 o'clock, I'm there! Showing Josephine and she seems both surprised and happy, and immediately we start to place it on the garments in the collection and that feeling is amazing, when everything is falling in it's place. And you know there will be another collection, and maybe the best one ever. 


#prints #colours #5preview #inspiration



The accessories are a compliment to the main collection and are best presented together with the collection. The choices of fabric, colours and prints for bags goes back to the main collection. 

Inspiration for the bags lays in classic, unisex bags with volumes, functional forms and eye-catching themes. 

Explore the bag collection here

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