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TwoSee Window

This is the window display of TwoSee shop in London...We dressed one of the mannequins in the Cavour T-shirt with a pair of white pants with black details. They're a prototype (because until now we just did T-shirts, right?) made by some talented friend of ours, Matteo/Roberta aka Skuro. In the party a lot of people asked about these pants and if they were for sale, but No, not yet...The other mannequin we dressed in the oversized Michele T-shirt and some black stockings...

In the pictures you might understand how many people that showed up! It was raining outside so inside the shop it was really crowded (also outside after a while)...A lot of people sipping Peroni beer, Jaegermeister, listening to music & taking pictures...I'll post some of them later on...

A big thanks to Russel & Anthony (again!)