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But what the F**k is this?

OK, let's speak get inspired by other brands is OK I think, at least if you put some creativity and some irony in it. This morning when I started up my computer I found out that this SWEDISH BRAND copied ME. And they didn't even do it well. What they wrote on their T-shirt does not make sense! Via Cavour 221 is my address, but c'mon! Write something else...and yes I know that Coco said that Imitation is the highest form of flattery but this is just too much. I hope this crappy cheap SWEDISH (who expect this from the most reliable pouplation in the world, I was more expecting it from the south italians...I have to take away some prejudices)"brand" cut that T-shirt out of their collection becuase I don't want people to walk around wearing their bad interpretation of my work. 5preview is an independent brand and you don't copy those...Yuck!!!