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5preview proudly presents an extraordinary ORGANIC collaboration with the fresh danish brand A QUESTION OF...

A QUESTION OF is a Danish T-shirt company specialized in sustainable manufacturing, with love for Africa. A QUESTION OF is developing unique T-shirt projects together with international designers & artists. With the projects they are tapping into the emerging trends in society and mixing these with creativity. Simply to create great T-shirt designs and value for both our customers and for the textile workers in Tanzania.

This is good. No longer MADE IN ITALY but made in AFRICA. Not that the italians situation is the best but at least it's a lot better than the people in the third world. We have faith.

I asked A QUESTION OF how they got interested in doing this collaboration with 5preview, a brand that got famous of being more ironic than politically correct...

" We believe that 5 preview has succeeded in delivering wisely and provocating T-shirt prints with originality. We believe that design like 5 preview should be combined with sustainable products to create fashion products with love."

We discussed the project back and forth Copenhagen-Brooklyn during a hot summer and the result is called HOPE, LOVE & FAITH: 3 T-shirts on the classic theme. For 5preview it's about printable, wearable symbols and for A QUESTION OF...?

"A QUESTION OF still has faith in a better world were fashion, love & compassion for other people and our environment, can create a better future. We hope that we together with 5 preview can spread the word of “Faith, Hope, and Love” in a sustainable world.

Life is A QUESTION OF Faith, Love & Hope!"

After living in The United States of America a while the word ORGANIC got a new meaning. Before I laughed a little about it but then I got this need of putting CLEAN ORGANIC stuff into and onto my body, otherwise you'll probably get badly poisoned sooner or later. These 3 T-shirts, launched one after another are made by organic cotton in Africa, but I wanted to know if also the workers situation were controlled and correct (think American Apparel...).

"When producing our T-shirts on a Tanzanian textile factory under fair trade conditions, we are making an effort to support employment, better living conditions and sustainable growth in a developing nation in East Africa. The employees receive fair wages, English classes, and training in health issues. Furthermore the use of organic cotton provides healthier working conditions and is a more valuable market opportunity for farmers in Africa.

The T-shirts are certified by: Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), bio.inspecta."

We can't change the world but we got FAITH.

Get the shirts HERE.

To be continued...