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Meeting Stella:

Stella Kattermann/17 (but 18 in less than a month!)/Leighton Buzzard UK/ Student

What is fashion for you?
Fashion is as important to me as the air I breathe and the food i eat. Every dress i own is like an old friend, an acquaintance for life that makes me feel special whenever i put it on. Fashion for me is not about following trends or being seen as cool by others, it's more about reflecting your personallity through what you wear, feeling comfortable in your on skin and not being afraid to be different.

Current obsessions?
Baileys Fudge, Mark Ronson, studs on any item of clothing and Mulberry's new Alexa bag

Dreams for the future?
Passing my A Levels and getting into a good uni, travelling the world (particularly Japan and New York), meeting Karl Lagerfeld and convincing him that I would be an ideal candidate to work at Chanel HQ on the Rue Cambon or if that doesn't happen still make my way in the fashion world and fulfill my childhood dream that I have had since I have been about 8 to live in white town house in South Kensington, London.

Last album you listened too?
The XX. Saw them supporting Florence + The Machine and have loved them ever since.