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5preview proudly presents: 5-Piece-Paper n°1

The first issue of 5-piece-paper has the theme "5 photographers". The photographers Camille Quancard, Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter, Francesco Ercolini, Sanna Berger & Fredrik Ottosson all got a box of 5preview T-shirts (etc.) and then they interpreted those shirts in 5 pictures each. The result is stunning! All of these talanted photographers has their own style and all the pictures turned out really different from each other.

It's a bag. Inside there are 5 pieces of paper. Each paper contains an interview with the photographer (made by journalists we found here on the blog), 4 small pictures and on the back a big poster. The posters are printed on high quality Maxioffset 120 g ecologic paper.

The design of this particular magazine is made in collaboration with a Stockholm-based graphic-design duo Lovisa & Linnea under the name Studio Ove.
Get the first issue of 5-piece-paper HERE.

The magazine will be presented with a nice launch party at Invent.ory in New York in a couple of weeks.