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5 questions to Andreas.

We asked 5 questions to the young swedish fashionblogger and musician Andreas Wijk.

1. Swedish guys are famous for being so stylish. How come, what do you think?

Yes, the guys interest in fashion has grown the last years, probably because it's so easy to reach these days. Internet gives us a lot of inspiration, and you find more nice things in the shops nowadays.

2. Where do you get fashion-inspiration? Do you have any style icons?

No. I get inspiration from everything: internet, magazines, people on the streets, fashionshows...Take a little bit from here and a little bit from there and mix it for a personal style!

3. What do you study and what are your plans for the future?

I'm studying music and my dream is to work with that, and also fashion. Fortunately fashion and music walks hand in hand. It's really fun to work as a fashion-blogger and thanks to my blogging a lot of doors are wide open for me. So we'll wait and see where the future takes me.

4. So, you like the 5preview T-shirts?

Yes, they are perfectT-shirts that becomes more than just basics. The prints are always perfect and I wear them in all kind of ocations! On T-shirts, totebags, tanktops and necklaces.

5. How do you think your wardrobe will be this summer? Some key-items?

I can't wait 'til the summer arrives, and wardrobechanges with it! Away with the boots and welcome plimsoles, sandals and old-men-shoes. Away with big coats and welcome denimjackets and casual blazers. I believe a lot in denim and natural colors.

Check out Andreas blog here.