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I'm hatin' it.

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A picture says more than 1000 words? Getting hungry?

Well, of course it depends what picture they decide to show you. I saw a film yesterday, Food Inc. Nothing new, but still I need to see that kind of pictures now and then to REMEMBER why I made that T-shirt you can see at the beginning of this post. Not the red one here below. That one is from the merchandise of the McDonalds webpage. PLEASE see the film Food Inc (it's available in streaming all over the web), especially you who live in the big U.S. country over there. It's fucked up everywhere but in the U.S. everything always becomes so extreme. So it's extremely important that people knows what's going on and realizes that there is more to food than cheap junk food. I met people that thought that they eat healthy nutritious vegetables when they had french fries and ketchup.
A break from what?