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It was EXTREMELY hard to chose a winner for the T-shirt contest! We'd love to throw T-shirts out all over the world to all these wonderful people with no money but good taste so we decided to chose MORE THAN ONE WINNER! Here are the wining comments (you will receive an e-mail

" Why do I want this t-shirt? Well I've wanted a 5preview t-shirt for a long time, so much I even got a job stacking shelves to fund one, I even have a "5preview jar" where I kept my paychecks until I had enough. I recently hit the target, and I ordered my first 5preview t-shirt last week, and what would be better than getting the one i ordered? Getting two. It's been nearly 2 months working, and nearly a year in general since I first saw 5preview t-shirts, and I've wanted one for so long. You could make my year by giving me this one, as you make very nice t-shirts and I've never seen designs like yours anywhere else, it would be fantastic to not have one, but to have two of them."

"At first I don't need to kiss so.'s ass, I guess everybody who wants to win this tee loves 5preview, so..I deserve the tee,'cuz I had a terrible week (a lot of letters of refusal,poor me!) and everybody who disapproved me would be fret for not taking me! don't you want to perform a good deed? hehe"

"I want this shirt more than I want my own life. This shirt is the most amazing shirt I think I have ever seen. I will wear this shirt every single DAY, every single WAY> My name is Amy and I am an actress in Los Angeles. I will wear this shirt on TV and Film!!! I am in 3 national commercials running right now and I am wearing my own clothes! I will showcase this amazing shirt and tell all of my actor friends about it! I just found out about this line and I am in LOVE. I live in Los Angeles and I dont know how I can get one of these shirts.. I bought some really neat boots from Italy from a designer and promised to wear them on TV and I DID i wore them on a Sprint commercial and on the TV show GREEK!!! I promise to wear this shirt. I really deserve this SHIRT. AMAZING"

"ok well i'll lay it simply. i think this t-shirt would fit into my wardrobe very well, and it goes would compliment my other 5preview t-shirt. but more importantly, the girl i have a crush on, and have had a crush on for the last year, her name is Chloe. wearing this t-shirt would give me an excuse to talk to her more, while having a reason (non other than loving her like crazy) to have a t-shirt with her name on it, the reason being it's from 5preview. i think this t-shirt could help me in my quest for her. don't you want to help me secure who i think is the love of my life?"