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The Swede Beat asked five questions to Emeli Martensson, founder of T-shirt brand 5Preview who recently moved her headquarters from Italy via New York to Stockholm.
When and why did you move to Stockholm?
After ten years in Italy and a period in New York I was kind of fed up with chaos and I needed to go back to where I’m from to find some peace. Stockholm is a wonderful place—clean air, beaches in the city, good-looking people, nature, great shops, and bars… What else can you ask [for]? Maybe a little less organization and stiffness—more spontaneity!
Can you tell us more about your recent T-shirt series for Lost STHLM?
The T-shirt [series] is a tribute to Lost & Found Records, to the music we I grew up with. The collaboration is with the club organizers, DJs, and photographers from team LOST STHLM. 5preview is known all over the world, but not as much in Sweden so we wanted to be seen with the right people in Sweden [since] our headquarters is here.
How would you describe the 5preview LOST STHLM collection?
There will be ten different prints, all made by hand. [Making things by hand is] a great process where you can forget about perfection. We will release one print every week until the end of September when they will all be shown at an exhibition and party organized by LOST STHLM, of course!
Have you collaborated with other Swedish creators in the past?
[Yes.] We did two collaborations with Weekday (“5preview for Weekday”) last year.