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Coming soon: Fall Winter 2010-11

The red thread of the basic 5preview T-shirt collection of AW2010-11 is a nostalgic view of the Sixties.

When Andy Warhol started out with silkscreens and the überbeautiful androgyne Nico sang Femme Fatale with The Velvet Underground in New York. When the in-crowd hang out at the Chelsea Hotel while on the other coast of the USA, in Anaheim California to be precise, some guys started up a rubbershoe company that then became a classic for all skaters, surfers and hipsters out there....
Jean Seberg left the world breathless in A Bout De Souffle with her garconne style: short hair, slacks and a white printed T-shirt. Seberg played a hip American girl studying journalism at Sorbonne, selling The New York Herald Tribune at the Champs Elysées....(Qu’est-ce que c’est que ça? What’s that? the most difficult phrase to write in a correct french....)

That’s about it. Timeless, slick & simple designs that looks good on both girls and guys.

That’s 5preview fall/winter 2010: FIVE NEW CLASSICS.

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