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Brands we like: MOGAEMAGO (Berlin)

5preview went to a 40 ° Berlin a while ago and hooked up with some good old friends that started a new project: MOGAEMAGO. They have a supernice little studio in the city center where they're working with quite avantguarde collections...We made a little interview to introduce this brand to all of you!

Tell us a little about the brand....who are you MOGAEMAGO, where do you come from where do you wanna go?

Elisa Lindenberg and Tobias Noventa, we are MOGA & MAGO, meaning the modern girl and the magician.
We met a couple of years ago in Rome where Elisa studied and Tobi worked for a quite commercial brand (...).  We had so much fun together that when we met again in Berlin after Elisa being in New york and Mexico and Tobi in Switzerland. We decided we had to start this up to fulfill the needs of our passion. What we do is minimalist, absolute glamour. We are headed to the top of the world. New york would do, Milan, Paris, London on the way.

Berlin is however a good place to start.

Where do you find inspiration?

We have always been inspired by little things of our amazing lives, art, music, clubbing, people and especially by eachother.

What do you listen to in the studio while working?

This collection was made under: Grace Jones, Chloé, Chew Lips, Ronn and Bullet and sur-speed soul records, Warpaint, the Chantays, Talking Heads, Visage, Mathias Aguayo and When in a hurry empro and Matt John.

Worlds 2 coolest persons?

This week: Louise Bourgeois and Hans Bellmer.

Who is your target? Will you do ready to wear? Will it be possible to get the MOGAEMAGO clothes in shops/online? Prices?

Our target are those fashionistas that understands. Our collection is split in ready to wear and made to order items. It will soon be available at Notjustalabel and selected stores. Prices range from 85€ (tee) to 560€ (corset). Fur shoulder pieces are 480€.