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Ciara shopping + Hoodie Winners!

(Thanks Felix for the pictures!)

"Ciara was spotted doing some shopping on the 29th of August on Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills rocking a very FLY outfit...."

 (Thanks to Eleonor & Terese for the picture!)
...and NOW...the winners of the HOODIE contest! Thanks for all nice comments, it's IMPOSSIBLE to chose one winner so this time there are FIVE below. You'll recieve an e-mail with further instructions later on today.

"After coming up with a long list of reasons including:
because I read your blog everyday
because I love your clothes
because it is awesome
because your brand needs some promoting in Australia
I realised that the only way I can get it, is by sharing my secret with you, I am a superhero in need of a costume that is original like your clothes, I climb walls similar to those in the picture and believe it will help. The hoodie will also get lots of publicity as my alter ego is always in the papers."

"If I win, I'll wear the hoody and shake my ass like a donkey with parkinsons for the rest of the day!"

"Because I live in Orange County Suburbia, and its my mission to bring some culture here. oh, and its so hard to get ones hands on some of this artwork, that or its out of my budget."

"Well, let's see. i'm 194 cm tall, hilariously thin and the only way to get a hoodie in size s without the laughs of the sellers at the stores is getting one in s from YOU!
plus, i've been running trough the selfridges store in london, because 5PREVIEW told me per facebook to search there. and? nothing!! So, if you don't want me to sue you, send me one!"

"Thanks to this powerful hoodie I'll be able to save the humanity, the planet earth, the virginity of Hannah Montana and Bieber, the faith in fashion, the innocence of a new Lagerfeld's lover and whatever you like! God save 5preview! "