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5preview T-shirts Spring Summer 2011! Finally here!

We proudly present: The T-shirts of the SS2011 collection! 

The summer is still far away but it's good to be prepared (it's also nice to be the first one in town to wear these!). The shirts will be found in all shops that sells 5preview, in a couple of weeks, but from TODAY available in our onlinestore.

Just to tell you a little about this collection....the inspiration comes from all over as usual, there is no specific theme. The shirt above is called MAISON and it's a tribute to.....guess who. It's / He's one of our favorites.

Mr. Tennis himself once said that his motto is "Fight like a croco" (don't know if on the tennis-course or in life in general)....and that is what the CROCO T-shirt says.

That song just went into our heads last summer, and it was impossible to get rid of! Bowie continued to sing ch ch ch ch ch ch ch changes..... and that phrase ended up an several of our T-shirts.  This one is called Ch-Ch-Ch and comes in white or black.

We're ANTI and we try to be HEROINES...

(and we love old skateboardbrands ripping of logos of our favorite bands)

This style is called ANTIHEROINE.

The FIGURINO is back all dressed in black and all alone!
This style is called BLACK FIG.

We found this really cool brand called WARSAW and it said click! This shirt is made in collaboration with them and a little tribute to a great album and also the capital of Poland, of course. This style is obviously called WARSAW.

"Feminism is for everybody with a beating heart and a functioning brain".

So we expect to see both girls and guys dressed in this chic shirt. It's called FEMME.