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On The Road: 5preview SS2011

You're heading south down on Highway 101 from North Beach San Francisco a chilly august morning. Hot coffee and mom's sandwiches on the pier of Santa Cruz then towards LA while sun is rising. Theengine of the Chevrolet Impala of Johnny's cousin breaks down just outside the dreamlike woods and canyons of Monterrey. The radio is on and the local university radio station makes you listen to some lo-fi rock n' roll music while your friends tries to fix the car...

You pick up an old paperback, Big Sur by Kerouac, written in 1962 (it has the same age as the Impala of Johnny's cousin!)... "Big elbows of Rock rising everywhere, sea caves within them, seas plollocking all around inside them crashing out foams, the boom and pound on the sand, the sand dipping quick (no Malibu Beach here) - Yet you turn and see the pleasant woods winding upcreeklike a picture in Vermont - But you look up into the sky, bend way back, my God you're standing directly under that aerial bridge with it's thin white line running from rock to rock and witless cars racing across it like dreams! From rock to rock! All the way down the raging coast! So that when later I heard people
say "Oh Big Sur must be beautiful!" I gulp wonder why it has the reputation of being beautiful above and beyond its fearfulness, its Blakean groaning rough rock Creation throes, those vistas when
you drive the coast highway on a sunny day opening up the eye for miles of horrible washing sawing."

The first REAL collection of 5preview!
For adventurous boys and girls on the road. Casual but elegant. That silky oversized shirt fits for a stroll under the big Redwoods and will also be perfect for that party in Silver Lake (if you ever gets to LA...) The baseball-jacket is a timeless piece of fashion that looked good in the fifties and still does.
One secret is the choice of materials. We only use the best stuff: silk, leather, bamboo, wool...Another one is the whole CONCEPT. The 5preview staff is a young and vibrant group of people that are
often on the road, we design clothes that we love; for ourselves, our boyfriends and girlfriends. The inspiration comes from the underground but we bring these unique pieces to the upper level.

This collection is the missing link from our empty wardrobe to the perfect hand luggage.

Fredrik Ottosson, you're the photographer of this collection. tell us a little about yourself!

I'm from a little town in the north of Sweden but I live and work in Stockholm since 7 years. I consider myself a photographer that takes pictures of and portraits.

The pictures of the Spring Summer collection 2011...Were they shot in Arizona or what?

 Hahahaha yeah right. That was the original thought but then we did it in Sk√§rholmen (Stockholm suburbs) instead. We were really put on a test that day! I work a lot outside but that day was crazy cold. At a certain point it started to rain a lot and we had to save flashes and cameras and clothes and everything was a mess in the cars. People were so cold so we had to go and buy some whiskey to heat up the models. But we fought the Swedish summer (wind & rain) together, as a team...I have to give a big hug to the stylist Mathilda...she is perfect for that kind of days: stylist, psychiatrist and clown - all in one to keep the spirit up days like that.

And the wonderful car! Where did you find that?

After a lot of mails and phonecalls we found the perfect car, owned by Lasse & Carina from a cruising club south of Stockholm.

What would you use as a soundtrack to this series of pictures?

Thanks to: Fredrik, Mathilda, Gustav, Benny, Rickard, Betty, Emelie, Ina, Emeli, Gennaro Lasse, Carina.
Have a look at the clothes in the onlinestore of 5PREVIEW!