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Shades of gray...5preview SS2011 by Andreas Sandberg.

Photo: Andreas Sandberg
Model: Olivia Lindh / Stockholmsgruppen
Styling: Keni Korshed, Hedvig Wiklund
Makeup / Hair: Emily Mc William

This beautiful interpretation of the 5preview SS2011 collection is photographed by freelance photographer (born and raised in Stockholm Sweden) Andreas Sandberg. We had a little chat with him about the shooting:

We just love the light in the pictures, it's a pleasure to look at them...How do you work with light?

I did this shoot in my apartment, using the daylight from the windows as the only source of light. I find it exciting and challenging to work with daylight and the result is often very natural and beautiful. But I´d say that I´m just as fond of using the artificial light, which gets quite necessary a lot of times when you live in a country where daylight barely exists during half of the year...

Who is the girl in the pictures? (Not the model but the caracter you created).

Ok, so I took seven years of bad luck that Sunday morning when I broke that mirror that we later on used in the shoot. And I recall being really down with the blues that weekend. So I guess she is some kind of reflection of me and my feelings that particular day, but the only reflection she can see is her own you know.. And she´s one of those women that can´t be anything but beautiful and dressed in style whenever and wherever, whatever. But she is stuck in this room, a room that she´s been lingering for years. I would say she is a woman with a very restless spirit and heart.

What's your dream-project?

When I started out as a photographer I wanted to do very hardcore documentary stuff. So someday I want to do a very large documentary project on something that really needs to be shown by that time, something that really means something.

What soundtrack would you like to put to your project for 5PREVIEW?

That would be Nina Simone´s sister, Irina Simone, the one who got stuck singing
in the bar.. But you´re allowed to change the soundtrack whenever you want right?  

(Andreas, we couldn't find anything by Nina Simone's here is a song by the Lady herself...)