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...and the winners in the T-shirt contest are...


"I'd love to get the HATA STHLM T-shirt cause I did my university Erasmus year in Stockholm
and it went so so so bad i just couldnt stand the cold winter,so i'd like to get the T-shirt to remember each time i look at it that i shouldnt come back in winter ¡ hahah"

"Sometimes when me and my best friend Sasha goes on our adventures we always go to a place that we've named Naive. In Naive we fly around (Sasha is a horse, but in Naive she's a unicorn) all day, except when we stop for ice cream at my grandfather's. At the end of the day, we make a short stop at a small bakery and get free cupcakes that we bring home to our friends and family. So. Therefore the Naive T-shirt."

If you're not lucky as Greta & Albert and still want a 5preview + LOST STHLM T-shirt: visit our onlinestore!
Thanks to everyone that showed up last friday at our party, we had a great time hadn't we? We'll be back with PICTURES in the next few days.