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And the winners are...

So..... the contest is now CLOSED!

THANK YOU ALL for your strange/short/long/nice/whatever comments. We finally decided to choose two winners from two different countries. Please girls, keep us updated on the T-shirt's summer adventures by sending sunny postcards to us! (real ones or by e-mail, you choose)


AUDREY from Germany!
"you know that strange feeling waiting for something ? wait a bit. like waiting on red lights. wait a long time. like waiting for the right one. wait patiently. then impatiently. wait eagerly. this agonizing wait. hunger for THIS thing.maybe wait in vain. await the result, an early reply. wait in the wings. NO ! why ? because you have this SOMETHING ! so please release me from this strange feeling. the waiting will come to an end when you will announce the winner with the name AUDREY.

PS: i dont mind waiting.
and JUDIT from Sweden!
"heyhey. i really should win because I'm so fair skinned and never gets brown during summers. if i had that white goodlooking tshirt my friends would envy my tshirt and i wouldn't even care about envy their tan anymore. two flies in one smash as we say in sweden :)"

We will contact you during the day.