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Shooting SS2012...

 A lot of ironing....
 New sheer materials for SS2012.
 Nice shoes...
 Boo Trädgård is a beautiful place outside Stockholm. Next Saturday they'll close down forever and everything in the place will be sold. And there is a lot of nice stuff there.
 Old garden books.
 Get inspired.
 Grapes and a lot of organic stuff. Nature is the new Urban.
 The most uncomfortable shoes on earth.
 Saga, the model, had a lot of patience.
 Even the birds liked the homemade lunch.
 Saga, Fredrik and Tony. Great people to spend a day with!

 It's always funny when you have to shoot summery pictures when it's really cold outside.
Fredrik, when he is not in Norrland shooting bears he's usually shooting the 5PREVIEW collections.

Some "behind-the-scenes" from last Monday when we shot our high summer 2012 collection at Boo Trädgård outside Stockholm, Sweden. We picked together a great team and a BIG THANKS to Fredrik the photographer, Fredrik the photographer assistant, Saga The Model and Tony the makeup & Hair guy!