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Ragnar Persson for 5PREVIEW.

Everybody are doing collaborations and SO DO WE!

We were pretty honored when swedish artist / illustrator RAGNAR PERSSON wanted to do some drawings for an old issue of 5-PIECE-PAPER and one of those drawings then became a print in our SPRING / SUMMER 2012 collection.

5PREVIEW started out in Rome so the wolf for us is of course a symbol of that city (if you don't know the story, have a look HERE.) but for Ragnar who comes from the cold north the wolf is more a beautiful mythological creature, that lives in the shadows of the deep forests.

We just feel an unconditional love for Ragnar's drawings so if you don't know them, check them out.

He is exhibitioning in Malmö (Sweden) right now @ KRETS and soon at Ystad Konsthall. In march there will be another exhibition in Copenhagen.

We usually bump into Ragnar Persson at concerts (and he has a great taste in music) so instead of making a long pretentious interview we make it extremely short:
5PREVIEW: Which are the 5 best bands / musicians ever according to you?
Ragnar Persson: Dead Moon, Elvis, Mercyful Faith, Motorhead and Iron Maiden.

 (The picture of Ragnar is from BON MAGAZINE and the clothes you can find HERE.)