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Around the world...

There are so many nice persons out there, wearing 5PREVIEW! Today it'll be a superpost dedicated to all of you! First out Willabelle from the blog Pale Division, wearing a 5PREVIEW "Y5L" T-shirt...

 Elin is also wearing the "Y5L" T-shirt, but the version we made in collaboration with WEEKDAY in 2009.
Stella from London is wearing the silk / cotton "MICHELE" mini dress from the SS12 "SHORELINE".
Anjelica from Modejunkie is wearing the raw cut denim washed "N°221" sweatshirt from the SS12 "SHORELINE" collection...and also the BIG BLACK BAG!

...and last but not least, from the north of Sweden (where it still seems to be some ice on the streets), Ebba is carrying around the big "ANTI" bag from the SS12 "SHORELINE" collection.