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The amazingly cool Queen Michelle from Kingdom of Style has just featured our beloved "WHATEVER" denim jacket in her latest post.

Not only is she rocking the jacket with effortless "metal" chic but she also had some lovely things to say about us here at 5preview.

Here are some exerts from her post:

"I had the chance to revisit something I haven't worn in what feels like a million years - a denim jacket."

"But I can honestly say I never really expected to revisit it any time soon. Yet here I am, more than 2o years down the line, back in a little denim jacket. Blame Swedish label 5Preview. They ask me if I'd like to style something from the shop and when I saw the denim jacket, I knew I had to try it again."

"Some of you will be familiar with the label, possibly for their t-shirts which cheekily send up famous logos like the Chanel interlocking 'C's and Yves St Laurent's 'YSL', or their 'Michele' character, which looks likes a man in a Mickey Mouse balaclava."

"The jacket is perfect for wearing with slouching about outfits, like this one, and I've worn it quite a lot since I got it. The back is where the best stuff happens with the jacket though, as it says 'Whatever' in huge letters. This definitely made it must for me. It's like being a moody teen all over again. I will most likely add some studs and maybe even some patches."

All hail Queen Michelle!