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Santa's Workshop...X-MAS GIVEAWAY!

Getting back to our roots - handprinted T-shirts. Black on White. Simple and dirty. Here we made 3 shirts only for you! They are prototypes, but will never be produced: unique pieces made by hand. And not any hands: the original 5PREVIEW hands!

So if you want one of these shirts write a comment below and tell us which one, and WHY you want that one, and your e-mail address. The THONET CHAIR N° 18 is a personal favourite but for some reason I'm pretty sure everyone would like the other shirt.

The size is SMALL UNISEX. The shirts are called: SUEDBY, BENTWOOD N°18 & SILHOUETTE.

...and then: have a really great CHRISTMAS! We'll be back on the 27th to randomly chose 3 winners for these superlimited (more limited than this is impossible) edition shirts.