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The 5PREVIEW Archives is a very special project we have been working on with creative people from around the world. The goal of this project is to breathe a breath of fresh air into archive collection pieces and present them in a new, exciting, individual way.

We love working and supporting creative people from all walks of life, the rookies and the pros. This project has enabled us to bridge a connection between artists, photographers, art directors and stylists. It is always fun to see external interpretations of our clothing and we have not been disappointed!

Every two weeks we will be featuring a creative person or team and their work with our archive collections. Each artist was nominated 12 pieces of clothing, which will be available for you to buy at our online store during the two weeks. As these are archive items this will be your LAST CHANCE to ever buy them. All pieces are being sold for €20. All sales are final!

As an extra incentive to participate we are offering FREE POSTAGE on all 5PREVIEW Archive orders over €100. Just enter the code: FREESHIPARCHIVE when at checkout.

Our first week we will be featuring Stylist and Art directors Lina Forsgren, Linda Hallstan and Sissela Jensen from Stockholm but more about them soon.

Check out the pieces from this project HERE!