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PEOPLE: Sophia Mattias

Sophia is wearing our AW13-14 Asymmetrical tab front dress as a jacket.

Sophia Mattias, founder of 1509, was one of the artists we collaborated with in our 5PREVIEW X New York Artist project.  The Los Angeles native who now resides in Brooklyn creates hand designed fragrances in her studio. 

With Sophia's mother being an interior designer and her father a product designer, creativity was always close by while growing up.

Here she explains her label:

"1509 is the address where I grew up, deep in the canyons and amongst the trees of my native Los Angeles. To me, it is the most enchanting, most precious place in this world. Imagine life as a house. A house so full of life. All aspects of life. There are countless of small things that make a house a home. So many memories, so many smells. Our home inspired me to find just a few simple scents to wear that would always bring me back.

Each bottle of %1OO pure fragrance oil is designed by hand for the essence of either woman or man. The natural touch of these oils, using no alcohol, will dance on your skin in a clean and delicate, yet captivating and unique manner.

Our house was more than a just a home. The oils are more than just a scent. Both have a breath, a touch, a feel and a character that never goes unnoticed. Their life exists through the people they embrace.

Environment. Aesthetic. Experience. Lifestyle.

This is for 1509.

This is for ways we live."

Sophia is wearing our AW13-14 Box Volume Coat.

Photography by PAMU.