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The 5PREVIEW Archives: Rudy Reed

We are happy to announce our second collaboration for The 5PREVIEW Archives with the talented New York Stylist, Rudy Reed.

Fashion wasn’t even a thought in Rudy Reed’s mind when he first moved to New York in the early 90’s.  In fact, his goals were to continue his studies in Broadcast Journalism.  Having to find work in order to survive, Rudy began working in retail.  Seen as an individual with cool personal style, customers gravitated towards him asking his (strongly valued) opinion on their potential purchases. 

After being recruited to work in the boutique of a well known Hollywood stylist/designer, it was there Rudy realized that the “job” he performed day in and day out was an actual talent.  Joining a group of friends with varying talents(photographer, hair and makeup artist, designer), Rudy came on board as stylist and set designer for the bunch.  Shooting fresh faced and fast rising models, the styling team showcased their work in short films, and held exhibits at galleries in the heart of city.

Split between fashion and his first love, writing, Rudy decided to infuse his two passions creating menswear blog FASHION FORWARD MEN.

Now comfortable with his path, Rudy has written articles for various publications, styled several runway shows, including ones at New York Fashion Week, and has worked with a number of hi-end clients and celebrities.  His editorial works can currently be seen in both national and international magazines such as Exalt, See7, Kenton, and Papercut.    

We will be featuring more from Rudy over the next two weeks. 

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Photographer: Haley Ballard
Model: Rudy Reed
Grooming: Mayo (The Barber) Brooklyn NYC