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We are happy to present the first collaboration for 'The 5PREVIEW Archive' project.

The next two weeks we will exclusively feature the collaborative works of Art Directors and Stylists Lina Forsgren, Linda Hallstan and Sissela Jensen.

Three creatives from Stockholm, Sweden, this team is orientated in the fields of graphic design, concept planning, storytelling, photography and illustration. They like to work with criticising the 'norm' and to question gender roles within their work and of course have fun doing it!

Currently Lina and Linda are studying their final year in Visual Communications at Beckmans College of Design, while Sissela is studying her first year of Graphic Design and Illustration at Konstfack in Stockholm.

Check out these talented girls websites here...
Sissela Jensen

All items from 'The 5PREVIEW Archive' project are available for €20 EACH from our online store. Buy over €100 worth from our 'Archive' collection and receive FREE SHIPPING. Enter the code: FREESHIPARCHIVE at checkout.

Every 2 weeks we will be featuring a new project collaboration and new 'Archive' collection.  

Models: Moa Holgersson, Sissela Jensen, Tim Karlsson, Jens Löfgren.
Makeup: Sissela Jensen
Photography: Lina Forsgren, Linda Hallstan, Sissela Jensen