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The 5PREVIEW Archives: Joyce Chang

This week we are happy to announce our newest 5PREVIEW ARCHIVES collaboration with the talented stylist and art director, Joyce Chang.

Based in Taiwan, Joyce is a renowned art director in the advertising industry with sharp insights on customer demands and strong communication skills that bridge the gap between creativity and business requirements. Her work often astonishes both audiences and clients while still remaining under budget.

In the film industry, Joyce is a well-known stylist, full of astounding surprises. She gives life to each character with her focus on delicate details which normally elude others. She firmly believes a true successful performance begins at the style setting and not when the camera starts rolling. Styling can morph a person into a character and that is what Joyce is great at!

For her, styling is finding possibilities beyond boundaries from the world of fabric and colors. She can turn your next-door-neighbor into the next Hollywood movie star in ways you can not imagine.

During her days at the London College of Fashion, she was inspired by Britain’s strong individualism in clothing trends. People wear daring pieces with full confidence which in turn spread a new variety of fashion direction.

From an art director in Taiwan to savvy stylist in London, Joyce continues to amaze everyone around her. She is the secret weapon that every winning project wishes to recruit!

She is Joyce Chang.

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Photographer & Hair Stylist: Dennis Fei
Makeup Artist: Shin tsai
Stylist: Joyce Chang

Model: Elena from Beyond international 
Stylist Assistant's: Funny, Annie, Kellie