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The 5PREVIEW Archives: Anne Charlotte Vogel X Julie Montauk 

This week we are happy to present our new 5PREVIEW ARCHIVES collaboration with blogger Anne Charlotte Vogel and photographer Julie Montauk.

AC VOGEL and Julie Montauk have known each other since they started in school at the age of six, where they were friends. Now they are also collaborators on a number of projects including this version of 5Preview Archives.

Julie Montauk is a freelance photographer from Denmark, based in fashion and art photography. Julie is also a writer and loves the creative story with a twist. In the past she has written for magazines, print and online, but right now she is working on her first novel. Still-photography has been a great way to learn about the good frame for film-making, which is her dream. Her next two projects are short-movies that she will finish up in Canada, where she is also going to keep up her photography.  

AC VOGEL is a creative, fiery soul who enjoys engaging in exciting and challenging projects that all contain a visual aspects. She endeavours to reach new aesthetic heights. She lives out that passion in her profession as an architect student and in her spare time she runs the fashion and lifestyle blog, Esthétique par AC VOGEL, as writer, stylist and model. In this 5PREVIEW Archives AC VOGEL styled all of the outfits including the 12 5PREVIEW pieces that she also is wearing as the model on the pictures.

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12 Piece Online Collection:
Make-up: Lasse Brogaard, My & Holger
Hair stylist: Kristiane Brovn Rasmussen, My & Holger

Campaign/ Blog Photos:
Make-up and Hair stylist: Lasse Brogaard, My & Holger