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My personal wardrobe has always been a mess. I'm too impulsive. I buy things I don't really need because I LOVE clothes and fabrics and materials and prints and textures.  It became an archive, or a grave, of many nice pieces (impossible to find in the chaos). Well, when I founded 5PREVIEW my idea was to create a brand called "5 PIECE WARDROBE". Based on the idea of the well known concept of the french women's 4-5 piece wardrobe. To get a few pieces each season, well thought through. To mix and match.

The collection of 5PREVIEW is now more than 200 pieces, so we're far away from the original concept, but I still have a strong feeling of creating essentials. Clothes that should be WORN (not archived) , that can be elegant or casual depending of the situation.

I wanted to make a 5-piece-pick of ESSENTIALS from the winter14 collection TABULA RASA. Those 5 pieces you bring for a long weekend trip, where you never know where you gonna end up (business meetings, long party nights och a walk by the sea ). I realised that a normal hand luggage fits more than 5 pieces ( especially if they're silk or modal ) so my choice got wider. Here they are, the 5PREVIEW WINTER ESSENTAILS!

Most of them are still available in our onlineshop (we ship all over the world), or in a local store near you!