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KEEP YOUR SHIP TOGETHER - Pre-Spring 2015 Capsule Collection

The Pre-Spring 2015 capsule collection for 5PREVIEW, which is cheekily called ‘Keep your SHIP together’, consists of cool, sailor inspired items with nautical stripes, chic silk fabrication and metallic silver finishes.

A fun collection of mid-season styles to refresh any wardrobe, the garments are a combination of new styles and classic shapes we all love. Ignoring the old advice of never where blue with black, our seasonal print is a navy blue with black all over BIG LOGO print, complimented with traditional blue and white stripes and a shimmering, silver metallic fabrication.

This capsule collection uses a variety of fabrication from cozy, warm wool-blend textured knits to luxurious satin silks there are pieces for all occasions.

Shop it HERE.