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5PREVIEW AW15 "True Romance"

About the flm “TRUE ROMANCE”:

A flm. Of a happening that took place in a cold january afternoon in an old industry building in the south part of Stockholm. With it's hypnotic soundtrack ( LIQUOR by Very Addictive ) and the almost organic papier-maché masks carefully cut and glued on the face of the models (by amazing makeup artist Carina Finnström ) the flm is 6 minutes continuous slow walking, showing the key pieces of the 5PREVIEW AW 15-16 collection “True Romance”.

The clothes are from the 5PREVIEW AW 15-16 collection.

The models are wearing the clothes. 

The audience is anonymous , NO ONEs, dressed in black.

The focus is on the real spectator, often our fnal customer, that actively chose to watch the flm on Vimeo.

One of the main reason brands do a fashion show nowadays is to be written about, to be liked on social media, liked and published by bloggers, worn by it-people. It's not for the buyer anymore. And defnitely not for the customer.

We find the LIKE vs NO LIKE of the “new opinion leaders” really boring so we saved our pennies and important work time and did this flm instead of a “real fashion show” during FASHION WEEK.

How can anyone possibly be interested in LIKE / NO LIKE?

LIKE is not journalism, NO LIKE is not criticism.

About the collection “TRUE ROMANCE”:

This collection started its journey during the international ‘Fashion Week’ season. Being bombarded by images of often monotonous looking fashion shows, with the ‘usual suspects’ occupying the front rows and after parties, 5PREVIEW was inspired to get back to it’s roots and get dirty! Armed with an arsenal of brushes, thick black ink, cardboard, stencils, spray paint and a box of white T-shirts, Emeli (the founder and creative drive behind 5PREVIEW) entered a small white room to create what is now the essence of this collection. Enjoying the fact that 5PREVIEW is an independent fashion brand, Emeli thrived in the realms of fashion counter culture. Not being bound to follow trends or predicted seasonal colors there is a strong sense of freedom in the artwork created, jumping off the commercial fashion bandwagon!

The graphic and illustrative artwork is core to this collection. As a creative group 5PREVIEW is inspired by other equally creative souls. With a connection to the classic artists like Picasso, Klein, Warhol and Pettibon there is also a huge respect for upcoming artists like James Concannon, Andrew Chase and David Shrigley, who are daring to do things their way in an often humdrum world. Similar to the way 5PREVIEW approached this collection these artists use often-unconventional techniques such as up- cycling, deconstruction, DIY with naïve and innocent final result.

Ultimately this collection is a bold representation of being true to our selves, being true to our beliefs and portraying our point of view within the harsh realities of the often-tiresome fashion world. After all, the best true romance should be the one you share with yourself.