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The 5 Piece Paper collaborator number two is one of the coolest girls in Stockholm; Frida Vega Salmonsson. Photographer and founder of Paper Light Magazine and always up to something creative, we are always curious to see what's next for Frida.

We have been stalking Frida's photography since day one and are proud of presenting her version of the True Romance collection. We also had a chat with Frida about her trip to Japan.

Photography: Frida Vega Salmonsson - MUAH: Helena Eriksson - Model: Elina J

How are you feeling today?
A bit jetlagged because I just got back from Japan, but happy!

What was the best thing with and the wierdest thing with Japan?
I loved the vibe of the city and the architecture are beautiful. And that you can sing karaoke everywhere at all times, that everything is so cheap and that the boys are so hot. I find it so weird that so few speak even basic english, and that the subway stops going at twelve?

As a huge part of your work you're very particular with your choice of models. Can you tell us a bit more about this?
I like working with people you know or have some kind of personal relationshop with. To just hang out, listen to music and have fun together and try new things out. I'm always on the look out for interesting people, not necessarily classical beauty, but interesting and unique.

Tell us, as a photographer how do you keep yourself inspired and motivated?
I look at images the whole time and collect things I like from Instagram, magazines and museums etc.

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