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5PREVIEW prespring 2015 "BASSE COUTURE" collection

Presenting “BASSE COUTURE” the new PRE- SPRING 2016 capsule collection by 5PREVIEW.

Inspired by the french -68 movement Atelier Populaire and it's protest posters printed by hand with bold black political messages and Jackson Pollock's abstract expressionism. Yes, it's arty and bold.

This collection includes boxy college sweaters, light peach silk tops and a color touch of mint green and bright azaleah pink. Feminine 70's inspired shapes mixed with a unisex military “go-out-and-occupy-a- house” parka and shirt. Key pieces include the set of allover pattered trousers and sweaters, an oversized white textured sweaterdress in 3D fabric and a new version of the dear old “SID” hoodie.

A new run on the classic 5PREVIEW “N°221” print, as a quick sketch made with a paintbrush and ink. With the use of liquid paint, the pouring, splashing and dripping technique created the allover print “SPLASH”. It's a spontaneous piece of art, wanting to get the clothes “dirty”. Without respect of the garments, not putting any honor in having clean clothes but appreciating the use of them. They should not hang in the wardrobe or in a museum: they should be used.

The bold handmade print “LA CHAMBRE SYNDICALE DE BASSE COUTURE” is an ironic take on the french, still existing, syndicate of “haute couture” that regulates the medieval rules of what is high fash- ion and what is not. As we are only CLOTHESMAKERS we call what we do: BASSE COUTURE (“low fashion”), without being ashamed of it.

The collection and the campaign pictures have a clear arty influence. We placed our artist in her empty white ATELIER where she is far from the outside world, writing her messages on big white papers and can- vases. She is not afraid of getting her hands or clothes dirty, as long as she can feel free to create.