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Rap Mermaid from the Hood

Israeli singer and producer Adi Ulmansky hails from the beach city of Tel- Aviv, sprinkling her electro-rap with traditional Middle Eastern tunes. With her mermaid locks and head full of trippy synths and pulsating samples, she takes us on a trip to her favourite hoods in the bohemian Israeli capital.

Your songs marry the Israeli music with the more international vibe. How did the two cities you have lived in Israel inspire you in different ways?
The main difference about Israeli music scene is that the mainstream music here got quite a lot of Arabic and ethnic influences. You hear it on the radio and everywhere you go, and I find it inspiring and unique to combine it in my music, even though it is totally influenced by other genres - mostly r&b, hip hop and trap.

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are the complete opposites - I was born in Jerusalem, and felt really weird when I first moved to Tel Aviv. The mix of different cultures makes Jerusalem a pretty intense and uptight city. Many people are religious over there, so the whole vibe there is quite modest. It's also really cold over there comparing to Tel Aviv, which is a beach city - sunny, fun and open- minded. People there are more chilled, and there are a lot of artists.

Which are your favourite and most inspiring hoods in Tel Aviv? Where do you hang out?

Florentin is definitely the youngest and most artistic neighbourhood in Tel Aviv and I like it a lot, but lately my favourite area is Shapira. it's pretty close to Florentin. I feel it's the most authentic neighbourhood in the city. It's a combination of a lot of immigrants alongside young couples and artists, and so it makes it different in comparison to the other hoods around here.  I'm quite sure that it's going to be the hippest part of Tel Aviv in a year from now. It feels like a little village in the middle of the city - people there are just so nice and there's a very unique, artistic vibe there. 

As a musician, you travel a lot- what inspirations and memories do you bring back from your travels?
My travels and tours inspire me a lot – I love observing other cultures and I feel lucky to have the option to travel so much. I'm really drawn to fashion and art, and touring allows me to get to see so much of those, in so many forms and genres. I also get to watch quite a lot of live shows (mainly when I play at festivals) and that's also very inspiring cause I’m learning so much by being exposed to up and coming, fresh, new artists.

Which one of your songs embraces best the light, summery vibe?
That's a tough one! Living in Tel Aviv makes everything seem sunny and summery, but I guess my answer would have to be 'Pink Pillz'. Even though the song deals with a complicated issue, I feel like it has a sarcastic - humoristic approach and the whole production of the song has a fun, trappy, dancy vibe.

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