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FASHION IS OVER! With Emeli Mårtensson

Our TRAVEL LIGHT SS16 collection is full of expression and thoughtful messages: about being yourself and how to get there, to travel in real life and in your imagination; daydreaming. Alongside key pieces such as a long light coat, the boyfriend jeans and the cosy everyday sweater, 5Preview has pieces with statement prints. FASHION IS OVER! is one of the provocative designs you can wear this season.

We spoke to our designer and mastermind behind 5Preview, Emeli Mårtensson about what it all is about! 

Hi Emeli, tell us how do you feel about attitude in the fashion industry today? Some brands stand out, surfing on the “statement print attitude” wave. You pay a lot for that attitude! Most of the times it's just simple prints, simple styles, simple fabrics, but all together it becomes pretty expensive when they sew the neck label in. But of course the price tag makes stuff desirable.

I would like to see more DIY, more creativity, around. Make your own prints instead of walking around with someone else's statement on your sleeves. (Counterproductive, for a print based brand, yes, but who cares? Not everyone is capable of cutting a stencil and use some ink).

How do you see fashion evolve in the next few years?
Less things! The consumerism will hopefully take a step back. The end consumer is more aware of how destructive mass production is, and hopefully chose to buy less and be more creative with what she / he already got. We will definitely go back to artisan handcrafted things. Where time and experience has been invested when the garment has been made. The value of uniqueness.

How do you keep myself mentally and virtually inspired?
I'm trying to be open for a lot of different things and to be curious. I read a lot (or at least I buy a lot of books) and circle in the stuff that really make me feel something. Art exhibitions, paint with my 3 year old son and I also started to go to the cinema (again) once a week. Yoga, food/wine, traveling and plants (basic needs).

What book are you reading at the moment?
I have a huge pile of books beside my bed and at the moment I'm reading 3 books at the same time:

Yoga for a world out of balance – Michael Stone
The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck - Sarah Knight
This Changes Everything – Naomi Klein

Fashion is over, what do you mean? Do you think people get it?

Fashion is over, the way we knew it (as Li Edelkoort said). What is called fashion today are quick trends created by economic forces. There is no time or knowledge in fashion business to create REAL fashion. It's just like a hyperactive always hungry never satisfied virtual demand of NEWNESS and the clothes industry can not keep up with that anymore. People get tired and find new ways to slow everything down. To back off a little.

The print that was made for the 5PREVIEW SS16 collection is inspired by the well known poster that John Lennon and Yoko Ono made “WAR IS OVER”. It could be interpreted in different ways of course – ironic maybe. War is not over, and neither fashion. But also to put that nail in the fashion-coffin: can we please start to talk about what it is, really, it's just clothes. But you wear them everyday so be careful what you chose, and why. Do you like it really, or is it just the “latest fashion”?

I'm sure people get it, and if they're not, they might appreciate the handmade print and that there actually is a THOUGHT behind.

/ Emeli Mårtensson