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In our brand new issue of 5 Piece Paper, the amazing collage maker Tagen Donovan created artwork made out of our SS16 collection.
Here is a snippet from the interview, you can read the full issue here.

Why did you choose collage as your main form of expression?
Collage has always been a medium I gravitate towards. I enjoy the construction element of this particular technique as there is a sense of regeneration in the process. There is also ample amounts of creative freedom, anything goes and even if its wrong - its right. I feel the hand crafted approach to art is slowly dying out in the age of digitisation. Collage is such an important vessel in regards to artistic practice as its conception dates back as far as 1916 through the birth of Dadaism, a pivotal movement within the arts.

We are giving away 10 numbers of the magazine for you lucky readers!
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