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5Preview ATELIER event in Milan

Something really exciting is happening this Thursday! The first one took place at the boutique Pool in Munich 6 months ago.
This time we will take our atelier to Milan and you are welcome to our creative workshop with the designers of 5PREVIEW!

A strong part of the 5PREVIEW DNA is the D-I-Y spirit – the essence of it: simple shapes will be cut by hand, sewn and printed with ink and stencil – just the way 5PREVIEW started 8 years ago. Black and white. Our items created during this happening should be seen as art, they are completely handmade and therefor unique and the items will be sold at the shop, just as paintings in a gallery, numbered and labelled. The prints are inspired by the current SS16 collection “Travel Light” and the uniqueness is in the imperfections of the handmade.

The 5PREVIEW ATELIER event will take place 5/5 at M Collective Store in central Milan. A date to remember.