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 We bumped into Victoria Salomonsen with a camera in her hand during Copenhagen Fashion Week last season. After a few drinks, we decided that we need to make a photo series together. And here it is! We also had a chat with Victoria about her love (and hate!) for the autumn.. 

Photos by Victoria Salomonsen, Model: Louise Cehofski, Makeup by Mevlüt Yilmaz, Assistent: Kaja Wennich Christoffersen

Name: Victoria Salomonsen
Star Sign: Fish (25.2-1997)

Where are you from and where are you currently living?
I grew up in Copenhagen in a city outside the big city. I still live here with my parents and I'm very happy with it since this city has everything you could probably ask for when you both love nature and the city lights.

What are some of your favourite and least favourite things about the autumn?
Pros:1. No flies! I have a horse and training him in the summer is very hard because of all the flies and mosquitoes.
2. I hate to wear summer clothes, so autumn really helps me to start layering with boots and coats.
3. The colors on the trees are beautiful and the sunsets are more intense + the weather is more crispy.

1. The weather gets so many mood swings here in Denmark during autumn. You can NEVER depend on it. (Constant clothing-crisis)
2. The sun dies faster. Days are getting shorter.

Describe your photo series with 5 words:Powerful, independent, playful, natural and childish.