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State of Mind with Cajsa Wessberg

CAJSA WESSBERG, is a name and face to remember. One day she's modelling at London Fashion week, next day a campaign in Copenhagen but she always manage to keep both her feet on the ground. We choose Cajsa to represent a part of this collection because of her creative soul and inspirational animal activism. These photos are capturing one of the most sunny days Stockholm ever had, on 5Preview's own office backyard.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
- I'm born and raised in a quite small town called Karlstad, but I've moved from there when I was eighteen to study art. First one year in Gothenburg and then to Stockholm. And I've lived in Stockholm forever since.

How did those places shape you and your work?
- I think it's good to grow up in a smaller town because it's very safe and closer to nature. I also think you remain being child longer in a small town, and I really did. Sometimes it still feels like I'm baby and can't keep up with others. I think all places have shaped my work, but I maybe it's more because the schools on each place, than the city itself. 

What are you dreaming about right now?
- Spring! Being out cycling, hang out in parks with my friends, not being constantly cold and also spring clothes. 

What are you listening to right now?
- Harry Potter and the half blood prince's audiobook. I would guess, for the hundred and twelfth time, I know all the words!

What are you looking forward to wear this spring?
- Big shirts, oversized jackets with a belt in my waist, bare legs, earrings and sunglasses. And not having to have hat on my cold head all the time.

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