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Milan Edition: State of Mind with Jessica Neumann

State of Mind with.. is a series dedicated to good people we have around us and our SS17 collection. This is the first part of the Milan Edition, where we met the coolest people in the sun for a small convo and photos. 

Second out is Jessica Neumann – @Jeehneumann

Hi Jessica, tell us a bit about yourself!
- I'm Jessica Neumann, Brazilian soul and Italian at heart. Together with my sister I founded the online magazine Culture & Trend which is a part of our work today. I have been living in Italy for 4 years, working with fashion and I am passionate about all its connections like: Beauty, Travel & Lifestyle.

What does Milan mean to you?
- Milan is my second home away from home, being Brazilian I always found it difficult to get used to another city in the world that's not in Brazil, but in Milan I can say that I found myself. It is undoubtedly among my top 5 of favourite cities in the world, not only for living but also for my work, for cuisine, for people and for history.

What’s your advice to people who wants to get into Fashion?
- My advice is to always be yourself, do not lose your essence. Try to do only works that represent your image and personality. It is important to always remember where you came from and keep in mind where you want to go. Work hard, even though it's a difficult world, it has its rewards. Above all it all, be different, have a differential, many people do not grow up in the Fashion world because they try to be copies of other people. And the public wants to see new things and innovative people.

What’s your favourite song right now?
Fuego - Alok

Jessica is wearing the AMANDA sweater from our SS17 collection. 

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