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London Edition: State of Mind with Emma Schwarz

State of Mind with.. is a series dedicated to good people we have around us and our SS17 collection.
This is the first part of the London Edition, where we met the coolest people in the sun for a small convo and photos. 

This time we meet model Emma Schwarz (@EmmaSchwarz) in a hidden little park in East London.

Hi Emma! Where are you from, and what are you up too?
Hi! I was born in Stockholm but I grew up in a small town called Katrineholm, and right now I'm trying my best to make a ramen soup. During the days, I drink coffe, pose in front of a camera or bring people their food at a restaurant.

Favourite city in the world and why?
Can I have two favourites? First I'm gonna say New York. I've never felt so connected to a city before. I'll always remember when I first saw the foggy skyline, and my heart literally skipped a beat (first and only time that has happened to me). I want to live on NY bagels and take away coffe forever. Next up is Tokyo. The flow of that city is so inspiring, and I feel like I'm just floating with it whenever I go outside there. I enjoy walk around at night for hours with music in my ears. I feel like I'm a tiny part of a huge organism.

What's your plans during the summer?
First, I'm gonna cry of pride at my sister's graduation. Then, in late June I'm moving to Osaka (Japan) to study Japanese and model. And eat a lot of matcha ice cream. Oh gosh, whenever I think about this I feel so exited!! I'm worried that everyone in my language class will be better than me though, I really need to get started for real with my studies haha! But I'm really looking forward to reunite with Japanese fashion and design again, it is truly the best. Plus the hiphop gigs there are awesome.

Fav song right now?
Right now I think "Pe Na Praia" by two Portuguese dudes called "Zen Baboon" suites my mode best. It's basically great, chill and more melodic techno. Listening a lot to The Internet as always. My fav of them right now is probably "Just Sayin/I Tried. That's my airplane song.

Emma is wearing the AMANDA sweater, LUCILLE trousers and GILLY tshirt dress from our SS17 collection. 

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