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Berlin Edition: In Bloom with Julian

In Bloom with.. is a series dedicated to good people we have around us and our AW17 collection. This is the first part of the Berlin Edition, where we met the coolest people for a small convo about their city.
First out is Julian Daynov - @julian_daynov
Our designer Emeli and the 5PREVIEW team got to meet Julian nearly forever ago and were always happy to follow him on his trips from fashion week to fashion week around the globe. After pretty long layovers in New York, London, Copenhagen and Paris, already for years now he calls Berlin his home, referring to it as the most exciting place on the plane or even the new New York. 

Done with all the hopping through various other capitals, Julian has now set his base in the former East part of Berlin and refuses to leave at least for the next couple of years. 

We asked him to very briefly point out the spots in town he likes hanging out at and literally, we felt we could fill a whole book with them - here just a small selection of all the Berlin-secrets Julian shared with us: 


Forever 31 


Fashion Director  

Your favourite thing to do in Berlin a Sunday afternoon?

In summer, i like going to the area of the former airport Tempelhof - you can sit down read a magazine, tour around on your bike or rollerblades and just chill in the green. The place is incredible in summer and attracts a lot of the city's cool crowd. Lovely is to also go to an open-air-cinema in the early evening, for example in the Volkspark Friedrichshain or for a late-swim with cocktails at Badeschiff.

On a cold Sunday in wintertime, I love locking myself in the Helmut Newton Foundation or often go to this really beautifully restored town pool/spa called Stadtbad Neuköln.

Favourite restaurant, café or bar in Berlin at the moment. Why? 

If I have the time for a proper long breakfast, I go to Benedict - they serve the most tasty things you belly could possibly accommodate. Also lovely is Betty'n Caty, but for quick thing on my way to the office, i usually pick up something at Zeit für Brot - a small bakery beyond all your diet roles or Daluma - the home of healthy breakfast bowls and cold pressed juice.

For a power lunch, I usually go to The Klub Kitchen - a cosy and super tasty spot right in my area; to Beets & Roots for a take-away-dish or to Maloa for a feel-good poke bowl. 

Dinners I most often have at Cecconi's - to me, the most outstanding Italian restaurant in town with incredible atmosphere and gorgeous staff. I tend to like Dudu a lot because the food is awesome, the set is casual cool and all people working there are so Berlin. 
When I am out on town with clients, i occasionally go to PaulySaal - an East-Berlin chick restaurant in the sports hall of a former Jewish school. Great food and vibrant surrounding.  

Where do you shop clothes, area or specific shop...? 

As someone working for fashion boutiques, i basically travel to see every new amazing retail spot on the planet, but luckily, three of my most favourite ones are in my city now:

I love going to the ANDREAS MURKUDIS store, occupying the former printery of an iconic Berlin newspaper. The space is incredible and hosts a great mix of design, fine art, jewellery, fashion and beauty. It basically showcases lots of my favourite brands and was the reason for fashionistas to re-discover the coolness of West Berlin. When it opened, the whole area was pretty much dead, but now it is the home of the city's most forward art galleries, design agencies and brand bureaus. Just recently, another awesome store opened right across - the one of ODEEH: a must-see German brand rapidly conquering a lot of catwalks, editorials and hearts.

Another spot I love browsing through is The Store on ground floor of The Soho House. Being literally 200 meters down from where I live, it paints a very dangerous zone for my wallet, but also serves me my daily dose of fashion-shots. It features the most bespoke brands of these days (Balenciaga, Off-White, Vetements, J.W. Anderson), but also a lot of fresh ones you only find in a small number of selected niche stores. The whole set-up is amazing, the way they display all pieces is fantastic and if you happen to be overwhelmed with what you see, you can take a break and have coffee or some really tasty food. All in one: my one-stop-shop.

The Voo store in Kreuzberg is probably the place most of Berlin's fashion-hungry visitors already consider a legitimate sightseeing-attraction. Fairly justified, it is the most liked place for hipster-homies and creatives, to shop understated and carefully curated apparel and accessories by ACNE, Marni, Wood Wood, Jil Sander, Raf Simons in a rather controversial, non-glamour and non-retail-related area of the city. 

In general, love staying in my side of town, East Berlin, be it for dining, going out or even shopping. The shops all along Torstrasse, Alte Schönhauser Strasse and Münzstrasse will definitely make you as visitor find a good catch.

Where do you go for “people-watching” / just to hang out in Berlin?

If often go to The Mauerpark on weekends - a green oasis just in the heart of the city, which lately transformed into a sort of Every-Sunday-Coachella-thing. This is where you can spot an uber eclectic mix of various people and sub-cultures: from hipsters, through street-style fanatics, punks up to fashion-wannabes, this is everything your eyes crave for. 

Strolling up and down the Torstrasse and sitting down at St. Oberholz or at Luiza in Kreuzberg can be quite spectacular too and will definitely being some eye-candy along. 

Favourite museum or art gallery in Berlin?

To me, spaces displaying art are very special and nearly as important as the art itself, so this is why I regularly stop by these ones, offering all my art-loving-heart craves for:

Sammlung Boros only upon tour-booking in advance via their homepage.

Also worth a quick browse-through are the various new spaces in the Auguststrasse.

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