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Berlin Edition: In Bloom with Grace Montana

In Bloom with.. is a series dedicated to good people we have around us and our AW17 collection. This is the third part of the Berlin Edition, where we met the coolest people for a small convo about their city.
Third out is Grace Montana - @mydailycouture




Student/Working Student in eCommerce

My favourite thing to do in Berlin on Sunday afternoon? 

Honestly, either just relaxing at home, recharging and working on the blog with a huge can of tea next to me or walking through the Mauerpark to visit it’s flea market (it’s 5 mins from the place I live).

One of my favourite restaurants or cafés in Berlin?

I really can’t decide if I’m more into Asian or Italian food - but mostly I like to go to certain Asian restaurants in Berlin, Mitte. In this area there are so many special Asian food spots like District Mot or Transit. Decent prices and always delicious. Me and my friends always want to try out new spots but it’s just so easy to go to a place where you know you get what you need ;) 

Bars I frequently go are Bonbon Bar also in Berlin, Mitte or Bryk Bar in Prenzlauer Berg. They’re famous for their experimental cocktails.
To admit; I also really enjoy just going to classic Berliner Kneipen - like german pups, where the people are chilled, the beer is cheap and closing hour is when the last guest goes home. Just very low key. 

I don’t really have a certain favourite Coffee shop, I just really try to stay away from chains and rather visit like "Kiez" café’s. Next to my building this very cute café just opened, called Wanderlust. They offer several coffee specialties and great granola, baking and sandwich varieties. 

The best shopping area in Berlin?

I’m such a online shopping addict. I just love to order stuff to my place take the time to try everything on and decide in a calm surrounding ;) Especially when SALE season begins I just hate to be in shops cause all the girls go crazy there. 

But when I’m offline shopping I like to check out Kastanienallee, they have several Pop Up shops and Boutiques you can only find there. (I’m so much into vintage shops).

Where do you go for “people-watching” / just to hang out in Berlin? 

Like everywhere. Especially taking the underground can be such an intense thing. Depends on what area you are in Berlin the people look and act so differently. 
Also the already mentioned Mauerpark is an experience for itself. On Sundays they have this karaoke spot right in the middle of the park where everyone can sing who is brave enough ;) If you’re good or not, the people are cheering up and I love to see that. 

Also my go to thing on a Saturday is the food market at Kollwitzplatz. There is this wine booth where it’s always so crowded. But almost everytime you stand there, have a glass of nice wine and a cup of soup, you get to talk to strange people standing next to you and I really enjoy that. 

Favourite museum or art gallery in Berlin? 

Unfortunately, I’m not going to galleries that often - strangely enough I always go when I’m in other cities. But my last exhibit I went to was at c/o Berlin: Total records - Vinyl and Photography. I loved it. 

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