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“Why should I pay a fortune for a simple t-shirt with printed logotype when I can print it myself?”

Ten years ago I asked myself that question before I started printing t-shirts; twisting and turning some well known logotypes, symbols and monuments. I tried to bring this untouchable "fashion" down to earth in a playful way - mixing the imagery with my own elements, such as the "5", my home address on Via Cavour Nº221, and later my french bulldog Salvatore. 

If I would ask myself the same question today I would definitely see it from a different angle, more from a trademark point of view. I learned a lot during a long conversations with the trademark infringement lawyers of Chanel and by stopping the use of THAT kind of playfulness the brand 5preview was pushed in a more collection oriented direction, where we could fully use our own creativity. 

These pictures is from the first campaign shooting of 5preview, in a gravel pit in the Stockholm suburbs in Sweden. The shooting for the SS11 FLASH collection was inspired by a Fellini movie, Federico Fellini was known for his distinct style that blends fantasy and baroque images with earthiness. He is recognised as one of the greatest and most influential filmmakers of all time.

Photo: Fredrik Ottosson
Models: Betty, Rickard, Gustav
MUAH: Betty-Marie Barnes, Ina Lindén
Styling: Matilda Bång
Location: A gravel pit in the Stockholm suburbs, Sweden

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