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The positive messages for the spring / summer collection 2017 is inspired by fortune cookies. “Do something extra ordinary” and “You are unlimited” is some of the quotes. 
Pre-shooting by Maria Maleh and Cajsa Wessberg as the model.

Photo: Maria Maleh
Model: Cajsa Wessberg

"I love the work in progress. The sketches, the polaroids, the prototypes. I prefer the blurry backstage snapshots instead of beautiful overworked campaign pictures. 

The raw cuts, the imperfect handmade lines in the prints, the dirty ink, the simple shapes and cuts of the clothes. 

The errors and mistakes that become the ground of new ideas. 

Sometimes along the way, we tried to do things the way that things are supposed to be done. It never really worked. 

Each project has its soul, its core. You can not create it - it creates itself. I always go back to the little room when things gets too big." / Emeli Mårtensson, CEO and Creative Director. 

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