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The 5PREVIEW Archives: Maria Maleh

The 5PREVIEW Archives: Maria Maleh

We are opening up our ARCHIVES for a second time, this time we teamed up with the photographer Maria Maleh and her friend Holly in Dalston, London for the 5Preview capsule collection. The ARCHIVES collection is a well selected pick from our most classic items from previous seasons. The archive will remain open until 21st of May 2018, 10:00 CEST. Shop the selection here


My name is Maria Pizzeria, I am 26, born in Sweden but been living in London since 2011. I run the art direction and graphic design studio Palmetto, and work mostly with making things looking nice. One day it can be video, one day photo, and one day I will just spend time on layouts. No days are the same for me!

About the archives shoot: Me and Justin spent the day with our friend Holly in our studio in Dalston, London. We went for very relaxed mono chrome looks with a pair of dr martens. Daylight photos are one of our favourite things to execute and it was lucky to be able to get some of that during a very gloomy day.

What are three things you want people to know about you?
That I love cats, food and try to not work too much.
What’s your dream project to work on?
I’d love to have something of my own. I do run an art direction and design studio, but I mean a product of my own. I have been thinking of starting a clothing brand, but it has to be something more to it! 

Where do you look for inspiration?
I’m not gonna lie, I do find inspiration on Instagram a lot. But when I feel stuck, I love going back to actual old things such as vinyl records sleeves and magazines.

When are you the most creative?
Sometimes it happens when I really have too – crazy deadlines etc. But most of the times when I am really happy, feel well and being excited also helps. It’s important to find those ways of how to motivate yourself, and I am very lucky to have the best partner in the world to work with.  

Photographer: Maria Maleh
Model: Holly Foxton