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PEOPLE | Kimyana Hachmann

Signature look by Kimyana Hachmann

We started to work with Kimyana when she came to Stockholm this week and dressed up in her favourite pieces from the AW18 collection - The ATLAS Trousers and the ARAMIS Boiled Wool Sweater

Check out her blog post about her trip to Stockholm and her love to our brand. Thanks for featuring us! 

The name of the Autumn / Winter Collection was decided the same day as Tom Petty passed away. R.I.P. Let “Free fallin’” from 1989 be a tribute, and a soundtrack to this collection. And now we going to get to know Kimyana more through music.
What is your first memory of music?
My dad always listened to Bruce Springsteen and when I was young I didn't get why he was so obsessed with this music. But I listen to the music of Bruce Springsteen today a lot it reminds me of my childhood and gives me power and happy vibes. 
Have your taste in music changed over the last ten years?
To be honest, I wasn't into this music scene a lot in my life - I preferred to listen to books or stories. 
But yes, my taste changed. I loved bands and cool kids when I was a teenager. Being a fan meant being a part of a community and that was fun. Today I just listen to what comes up - music that reminds me of events, or that matches with my mood. 
Which is your favourite song right now?
Forever Enya - Only time (my mum played her album every birthday for me and my brothers... it is kind of a tragedy for me that this song is also known for a horrible happen in NY... otherwise it always reminds me to be thankful for life). 
Which is your most emotional song that always will make you cry?
Tell us one thing you’ve learned about love.
Most beautiful and most painful thing in life. I love to love and I am blessed to be loved back. 
How would you describe your style?
Casual chic - I love being extra with statement pieces, but in combination with the rest it is always wearable on streets. 

Go follow Kimyana on instagram - @fifteenminfame and go read her blog