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Sad news.

Sad news.

In 2010 a little black french bulldog was born. I fell in love with him as soon as I met him and he started to play with the shoelaces of my New Balance sneakers. He was intense. And I called him Salvatore. Sal.

He came with me to the 5preview Studios every day, when we were still sitting in a little attic at Mosebacke overseeing the beautiful waters of Stockholm. He struggled every day to get up all the stairs with his little puppy body. Then he grew pretty quick and that was not a problem anymore. The new problem became the POSTMAN that he hated and that came everyday to pick up things or to bring us samples from suppliers.

Sal preferred to sit on someone's lap and rest his head on the desk. Or to go out and run around like crazy and play with sticks. He also loved to be right in the spotlight during photo shootings.

On Sundays he met up with all of his frenchie friends in the park to run like crazy.

He was our little muse, so many prints we have made with him throughout the years!

Yesterday he passed away, 8 years old.. he did not wake up after a surgery. Sal have had a great life and inside he was the biggest fastest and strongest dog. Unfortunately french bulldogs are heavily breed dogs and have a lot of health issues so the breathing has always been a problem. (It's also something to consider when you fall in love with a little puppy playing with your shoelaces. )

Play with sticks, lick on stones, fart a lot and eat a lot of “leverpastej” in dog heaven. Bye bye Sal!

// Emeli

Some of the prints inspired by Sal throughout the years.